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The Tae'Tu Family


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Tyler Bloomingdale


Hi I’m Tyler and I’m the owner and operator of Warhawk Tattoo in Layton, Utah. I’ve been tattooing professionally since 2007. I specialize in neo-traditional, neo-Japanese and realistic/surrealistic tattooing.
Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t really matter what medium I’m using I just need to create.
Personally I’m a father of two kids one of which is following in my footsteps in California as a young adult and my second is a toddler.
I currently train other artists in the craft of tattooing and try to preserve the traditions of our culture by sharing what I have learned along the way.
If I were to leave you with anything to know me know that my legacy will be passed on to those who have the desire to push themselves further than they believe possible and that humility is the goal.

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Casey Shaw


My name is Casey Shaw and I'm a tattoo artist from Keene, TX.

I'm happily married to Brittany Shaw and we have  5 babies.

I started my apprenticeship in 2008, since then I've tattooed off and on but didn’t take it seriously until the last 4 years.

I specialize in color tattoos traditional/neo-traditional small color.

My favorite thing about tattooing is the bonds you can make with people over a piece of art.  If it’s a meaningful tattoo or even just a funny tattoo there’s always a good story behind it. I do it for my kids also to show them to never give up on their dreams no matter what.

I plan on tattooing for as long as I can and hopefully at least 1 of my 5 kids will take over one day.

I have won a few awards in the past two years thanks to friends and mentors guiding me along the way. I think the key thing is being around like-minded people. I never thought I would get here and I still have a lot to learn and plenty of room to grow for my future.


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Cassidy Teal


I'm Cassidy Teal, the proud owner of My Style Souvenink in Ogden, Utah. I've made a name for myself in the tattoo industry with my unique approach that combines bold, colorful artistry with intricate designs. As a member of the Pro Team Artist lineup, I've found my niche, showcasing my versatility and skill in a variety of tattoo styles.


Over the years, I've collected numerous awards from different tattoo conventions, which speak volumes about my dedication and creativity in tattooing. I'm deeply passionate about my craft, which has me traveling full-time, leaving behind a trail of stunning ink at tattoo conventions, music festivals, and charity fundraisers all over the country.


I specialize in tattoos that are alive with Bold Lines and Bright Colors, infusing each piece I create with a lively and vibrant energy. My love for detail shines through in my fine line mandalas and geometric/black and grey work, where I blend precision with an artistic flair that truly makes each piece stand out.


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Greyson Grimm.jpeg

Greyson Grimm


I am Greyson Grimm based in Midvale Utah at the dark arts tattoo . I have been tattooing for eight years. 


I was inspired by my brothers Branden and Thomas to push forward with my tattoo career , my previous background before tattooing was graffiti. Once I was introduced to tattooing an obsession took over and tattooing became my world . I was a Street kid that had never been anywhere, until tattooing I realized with skills behind a machine I could go anywhere! I did exactly that, I spent 3 and a half years in Germany tattooing in 2016 . I Returned back to my home town of Salt Lake City Utah in 2019 where I’ve been for the last 5 years. I focus and study impressionistic and contemporary styles of realism in High contrast black and gray technique , I have been focused in this style for the last three years and I have loved every second of it.


On my days off you can generally catch me hanging out with my beautiful woman, relaxing at home ,  life , and plotting world domination! 



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Maeva Fulgence


I'm Mae Beautiful Poison.  I'm French from French Polynesia and currently based out of North Port, Florida.  I've been tattooing in the traditional Polynesian style since I was a kid and professionally since I moved to America 6 years ago.

The root of my tattooing is in line work, and I believe the small details make a good tattoo great.  I love to tattoo from traditional Polynesian, Japanese, sacred geometry to glitter and anything witchy.  Every piece I create is a living work of art.

Coming from family of healers and as an empath, I also specialize in healing through tattooing, I can help people target blockages and empower them to find the inner strength to live their best life.

Currently I travel and tattoo internationally attending conventions around the USA and Europe.  Look for me in a town near you !


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Gary Medley


My name is Gary and I tattoo at Irish Ink in Greenwood Indiana. I’ve been tattooing since 2011. I love tattooing botanical work as well as black and grey realism. I’m a father of 3 with one on the way. When I’m not tattooing I love hanging out with my kids, working on my cars, and motorcycles. 


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Cherry Rose


Cherry Rose is a remarkable global artist whose journey has been as diverse and captivating as her art itself. Born with an insatiable thirst for creativity, Cherry’s life has been a whirlwind of colors, cultures, and experiences that have shaped her unique artistic perspective. With a penchant for both painting and tattooing, Cherry Rose has left an indelible mark on the world through her vibrant and dynamic work.

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Robert Lopez


Born in Compton ca and growing up in the heart of Los Angeles graffiti and art has always been a part of my culture the beautiful art on low rider cars and after getting my first tattoo I new that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. The best thing about being a tattoo artist I get to be apart of people’s lives and create a bond between us, it’s not just getting an amazing tattoo from me, you’re getting tattoo therapy. I specialize in lettering, realism, (black & grey) after owning multiple shops I now prefer tatting from my private studio and doing tattoo conventions around the world…

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Malchai Green


Well rounded Convention artist and shop owner Malachi Green has been tattooing Professionally for over 13 years with a love for black & grey realism and semi-realism but don’t let that fool you he can pack color with the best of them !  Starting his career in northeast Kansas City, Missouri back in 2010,  Malachi has moved forward with his career and had the opportunity to travel the nation from coast to coast as a full-time convention artist from New York to Alaska the scope of the locations he can be found at any given time are quite large.  When he’s not on the road you can find him tattooing at Ink Syndicate in small town Windsor, MO 


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Manuel Vargas


My Name is Manuel, I am the co-owner of Six Shooter Tattoos in Idaho.  Proud Husband and Father.  My wife has been my rock, she always pushed me to be better.  So I stay hungry in the tattoo business.  Always wanting to learn more.  As we all know,  it changes up every year.  Had some really awesome mentors that helped me get to where I am today.  I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love best.  Everything from black and grey to color realism and especially cover ups.  Never settle.  Keep Hustling. 

@Six Shooter Tattoos


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I’m Skriblez (scribbles) .I am the owner and one of the artist at Deviant Tattoo Studio.  For as long as I could remember I have always loved art!


In March of 2016 I started an apprenticeship in tattooing, after finishing

my apprenticeship I tattooed in a few ‘Run of the mill” shops.  In April of 2020 I opened Deviant Tattoo Studio in Excelsior Springs, Mo.  Thanks to Friends, Family and Amazing Clients I continue to grow as an Artist and business owner.


Tattooing for me started out in the graffiti world and has inspired a lot of my work over the years. Some of the styles I love tattooing are Dark art, traditional tattooing, water color, script and designing custom pieces for my clientele and friends. Tattooing is not just a job for me   it’s what I love and it’s my passion.

“Life without art, Is death” 

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